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100 Resources & AI Tools for Your Marketing, Design, and Content Creation

Updated: May 18

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Art Direction and Photography by US <3

There's been a rise in the tools for your content, branding, and marketing game.

But it always felt like I couldn't find them right when I needed them.

That's why we created a mega list of over 100 links and AI tools – it's got everything you need, whether you're a marketer, designer, or content creator.

We know it's A LOT, but don't be overwhelmed. La Bemba Studio has got your back. We're always exploring the latest tools so you don't have to stress.


Free Images:


Vector Graphics and Icons:

Color Palettes

  • 0to255

  • Colourco

  • Adobe Color CC 

  • Khroma 

  • Coolors 

  • Color Tool - Material Design 

  • ColorSpace 

  • Colorkuler 

  • Designspiration 

  • Muzli AI Color Combination Generator


PNG Images & Mockups:

Each of these sites provides a unique collection of PNG images and mockups, catering to different user needs, from professional design projects to educational materials and creative endeavors.


Videos and Animations:



Reasearch & social media management:


With these resources at hand, there's no stopping your creativity.

And hey, if you ever need a buddy to guide you through all this cool stuff or lend a hand with your projects, La Bemba's got your back.

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