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Online Accountability Instagram Reels Workshop




4 days

About the Course

Welcome to the Online Accountability Instagram Reels Workshop!

In this intensive and interactive workshop, you will gain the expertise and tools necessary to master the art of creating impactful Instagram Reels.

Our focus is on accountability and continuous improvement, ensuring that you not only learn the technical aspects but also develop a sustainable content creation strategy.

Think of it as a full-week reels boot camp. You'll have homework before and after each class. Are you ready to take your growth seriously?

Day 1 - Research and defining your branding

Homework before class:

_complete a questionnaire I'll share with you. I'll use this info to provide personalized recommendations and tips based on your resources.

60-minute Online Class:

_creative process of content ideation

_authenticity and key visual aspects for branding

_explaining each concept of your homework

Homework after class:

_industry mapping

_audience research

_define your voice and pillars

_establish your branding toolkit

Day 2 - Ideas, scripting & pre-production

Homework before class:

_list ideas for content pillars

50-minute Online Class:

_live writing exercise: hooks, narrative, and call to action

20-minute online coworking session for 1:1 feedback

50-minute Online Class:

_live visual script writing exercise

_explaining resources, tools, and spaces for video production

_tips on composition, lighting, and sound

Homework after class:

_write and pre-produce 3 more scripts

Day 3 - Recording

Homework before class:

_record 1 practice video for feedback

60-minute Online Class:

_live feedback on your practice video

_extras: B roll, street interview, and speech delivery tips

_address any technical issues

Homework after class:

_record all scripted videos

Day 4 - Edit and publish

Homework before class:

_review the pre-recorded video where I edit a basic reel using CapCut web tools

_edit your videos

90-minute Online Class:

_live feedback on your final edit

_workflow improvement for storage and content repurposing

_list of organic actions to improve your publishing results

_schedule next round of reels

All you need is:

A computer and a phone. Sound and lighting would be ideal too.

During the workshop, I'll also share recommendations on equipment to enhance your content production, whether using a mobile device or professional equipment.

Important note:

You will receive a certificate of completion

Price with tax included.

No refunds or exchanges accepted. All sales are final. Please respect the terms and do not share/change/sell these digital products.

Your Instructor

Clarisa Quintero

With a long career in advertising agencies and media content production for brands like Shopify, 3M, Lipton, Aldi & more. She is currently the Director and Producer of a women-owned creative production company. She has acquired the most important lessons you need to establish your branding, planning, storytelling, and sustainable workflows.

Clarisa Quintero
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