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Authentic Reels Production - Pre-Recorded Class




60 minutes

About the Course

In this session, the first 45 minutes will be dedicated to explore: _the creative process of ideating content for your brand

_authenticity and the key visual aspects to consider for your branding

_an ecosystem to maintain a sustainable workflow

In the second part, I will guide you through:

_editing a basic reel with CapCut web tools.

_a list of organic actions to take when publishing to improve your results.

All you need is:

A computer and something to record with.

Throughout the course, I will also share recommendations on equipment that will help you enhance your content production, whether using a mobile device or professional equipment.

The course will be conducted in Spanish with English subtitles.

Important note: No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. All sales are final. Please be respectful and do not share/change/sell these digital products.

Your Instructor


She's been doing reels since the early Vine days. With a long career in advertising and media content production for brands like Shopify, 3M, Mercantil Seguros, Lipton, Aldi & more. Learn the basics of branding, planning, storytelling, and sustainable workflows.

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